draw, cry, repeat

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My name is Eve. I'm a sophomore illustration major at MICA. I like small plants, adventures, and colors.

I wasn’t able to finish my homework for a variety of reasons that keeps happening, but I did get tight sketches finished, so I’ll share them. 

We were supposed to use text to describe onomatopoeia in our pictures so I did a little seqeunce of someone getting caught in the rain on their way to the bus. 

I’ll upload the finished versions as well after completing them. 

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I’m hanging in there, but not nearly myself yet. 

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#the ups and downs and all arounds of mental illness is tiring 

Give me a color, a mood, and a character and I will draw it for you on hw breaks! 

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jou needs to be hugged. hug jou squad

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gatchaman had such bright colors. they’re fun to play with. katze pushes me out of my pastel box

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health update / medical warning. 

I’ve been incredibly stressed out, to a dangerous level. I haven’t been able to do much or get much done. I’m going to the hospital today and hoping to get a chance to rebuild myself. It’s been a really rough year so far. I’ve never been lower. 

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messing around with a few brushes/trying to be looser. 

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